Tutorial - Creating a Synth Pluck: A Step-By-Step Tutorial

The ablilty to create and tweak sounds can give you a unique sound and help you stand out of the crowd.  Understanding how to create a synth can seem overwhelming, but we are here to make it super easy for you. 

I.D.K. breaks down step by step how to create a Synth Pluck in Omnisphere 2. 


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IDKjunior | Producer | Guest Blogger

IDKjunior is an aspiring music producer based in Vallejo, Ca.   

IDK’s passion for music began as young child being exposed to other producers and dj’s.  While in high school, IDKjunior saved enough money to invest into turntables and began DJ’ing Hard House, Jungle and Trance.  This hobby slowly turned into an obsession.  He then began wanting learn more about music production and eventually bought his first DAW, Fruity Loops (FLstudio) and the rest is history.

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  • Jan 15, 2018
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