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Why is it important to find the best studio monitors?  Precisely because studio monitors are built to produce a very flat frequency so that sound engineers can hear tiny details in a mix. Without decent monitors, you'll never get a true and honest picture of the music you're creating.  So we've come up of Top 5 Studio Monitors that would be perfect for you that won't break the bank.


Unlike studio monitors with added bass or treble frequencies which may sound more flattering at first, HS Series speakers were designed to give you the most honest, precise reference possible, providing an ideal sonic platform  to build on throughout the mixing process. 

Additional Features:
  • 2-way bass-reflex bi-amplified nearfield studio monitor with 5" cone woofer and 1" dome tweeter
  • 45W LF plus 25W HF bi-amp system for high-performance 70W power amplification
  • Room control and High trim response controls
  • XLR and TRS phone jack inputs accept balanced or unbalanced signals

Promising Review:
"These things truely live up to the reputation. They are so clean. As an electronic music producer I wanted clean, accurate, and precise sound. I have found comfort in these. I like the room control and trim options as I do not have a treated room for producing. If you're looking for some non enhanced studio monitors for production perfection or you want them simply for entertainment.... these will suffice and more!" - Brandi N. King

Get it from Amazon for $399+ a pair


The Eris E8 XT is a substantial update to a lauded classic.  Deeper lows and a wider, more controlled sweet spot because of its new EBM (Elliptical Boundary Modeled) wave guide designed by none other than Hugh Sarvis of WorxAudio. 

Additional Features:
  • 8-inch woven composite low-frequency transducer
  • Front-firing acoustic port for superior bass-frequency reproduction
  • Optimized, resonance-suppressing internal bracing
  • 105 dB maximum continuous SPL

    Promising Review:
    "These are pretty awesome studio monitors. I use them primarily for mixing and recording metal. They have a good flat sound without being non lively with good bass response. They sound a lot cleaner if you use stands or isolation pads. So if you get these monitors plan on something like that to really get the most out of them." - Jason

    Get it from Amazon for $259+

    3. EDIFIER S2000PRO

    Edifier paid much attention to detail with the time-consuming process of wood processing seen on these hi-tech bookshelf speakers.  The S2000pro gives you the feeling of luxury and edgy all at the same time.

    Additional Features:
    • Built with flat diaphragm tweeters and 5.5 inch woofers
    • Bluetooth 4.0 support with aptX decoder
    • AUX inputs via dual RCA or dual XLR ports at the back
    • Includes a large remote control with clearly labeled buttons
      Promising Review:
      "Outstanding speakers, might be an overkill for your computer but if you want to spoil yourself just buy this beautiful pair. Not an audiophile here but love music and experienced many speakers such an Sonus Faber and B&W and these ones have nothing to be ashamed of. Buy it, you won't be disappointed." - Aviraz

      Get it from Amazon for $399+


      While most manufacturers take only a single on axis measurement of the speaker's performance, this doesn't tell how it will sound in your room.  JBL's Linear Spatial Reference design criteria requires seventy-two measurements yielding more than 1,200 times more data, enabling JBL to engineer a speaker that "sounds right" in any working space.

      Additional Features:
      • 3 Series efficient Class D Amplifiers provide abundant power to deliver the output and dynamic headroom needed for the most demanding production styles
      • Balanced XLR and 6mm TRS inputs give you the options you need to connect you 3 series to any signal source while maintaining professional signal quality
      • -10 dB/+4 dB sensitivity switch
      • LF Trim and HF Trim Switches
        Promising Review:
        "These are incredible speakers with clarity that I haven't ever experienced, I wish I had more words for these but simply put: just buy them. Words cannot adequately describe how accurate these monitors reproduce the entire song with separation between each instrument. It feels like I'm listening to songs for the first time, but I've heard them for years. Incredible." - Verox

        Get it from Amazon for $249+

        5. KRK SYSTEMS ROKIT 5 G4

        The new 5" KRK Rokit RPS G4 (Generation 4) bi-amp professional monitor takes music and sound creativity to a whole new industry-level.  DSP-driven Graphic EQ with 25 settings help condition on your acoustic environment while offering new levels of versatility in a studio monitor.

        Additional Features:
        • Matching driver design ensures the same sonic integrity across all frequencies, minimizes listening-fatigue, and offers unprecedented clarity and sound reproduction.
        • High quality enclosure with a newly-designed front-firing port
        • 43Hz - 40KHz Frequency Response
        • Balanced TRS/XLR Combo Jacks
          Promising Review:
          "Have listened to a lot of different high end speakers and these are incredible for the price. Make sure you have a decent DAC and you are good. Build quality seems excellent, very accurate without being harsh, very loud without distorting. I mainly bought these for music but you could mix on them no problem. Completely exceeded my expectations, you won't be disappointed." - RLSlo

          Get it from Amazon for $179+

          We hope we got the best Studio Monitors at an affordable price range.  We'd be glad to hear a feedback from you.

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