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by Travanti Jackson 29 Jun 2020
We've compiled the best yet affordable MIDI Keyboards for you.

Total Control Wherever You Go:  USB MIDI keyboard controller with 25 velocity-sensitive keys and octave up/down buttons to access the full melodic range - perfect virtual synthesizer control.

Additional Features:
  • 4-way thumbstick for dynamic pitch and modulation control
  • 8 backlit velocity-sensitive MPC-style pads with Note Repeat & Full Level
  • 8 assignable Q-Link knobs for mixing, tweaking plug-ins, and more
  • Built-in arpeggiator with adjustable resolution, range, and modes
Promising Review:
"I've been using the Akai Mini MKII for around a month now and I really like it so far! I've been on the search for a portable MIDI keyboard that I can easily set up and put away as needed and this fit the bill perfectly.  The build quality is really good. It feels like it's made of sturdy material and is a quality product. Nothing feels fragile like it's going to fall off. It feels very well made." - Edward, Developer

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Take command of your peripheral MIDI equipment courtesy of an onboard USB MIDI interface with 5 pin MIDI input & output.

Additional Features:
  • 49 semi-weighted, full-size keys with aftertouch
  • 24 assignable Q-Link controllers include knobs, faders, and switches (8 of each)
  • Comprehensive transport and parameter controls for hands-on DAW integration
  • MPC Full Level, 16 Levels, Tap, Tempo, and Time Division assist with dynamics and tempo
Promising Review:
"I love this controller. Great keybed, not too loud when keys are pressed, not 'clacky' like some cheap controllers, and tons of control. This thing is built like a tank, and I love the USB connection to my PC. The power button is a little tough to un-depress by feel alone, as it's tiny...but once you're used to it it's fine. Love this thing. Pretty LEDs once it's on too, with different colors based on the preset you choose, e.g., based on your DAW software. I use it with PreSonus Studio One 4." - Dan Burke

The Arturia KeyLab 49 MKII has raised the bar for professional MIDI controller keyboards. Unlike many keyboard controllers constructed entirely of plastic, the KeyLab MkII features a lightweight yet rugged aluminum chassis that can stand up to the most grueling tour schedules.
Additional Features:
  • 49 key options available, each with high quality keybed with velocity and aftertouch16 RGB-backlit performance pads
  • Control bank with 9 faders and 9 rotary knobs
  • Presets for multiple DAWs, with magnetic overlays for controls
Promising Review:
"This controller's build quality is superb ... and the options it gives yoou, from the midi knobs, faders, and pads ... to the CV options, makes it a central component to any kind of setup you want to build." - Joel Martinez

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Launchkey is an easy-to-use MIDI keyboard controller.  It's pretty much the quickest and easiest way to produce electronic music, especially in Ableton Live - because it was designed specifically for the purpose. 

Additional Features:
  • 49 note velocity sensitive synth style keyboard
  • 16 full-color RGB backlit velocity-sensitive drum pads
  • 8 knobs
  • 6 dedicated transport controls
Promising Review:
"This MIDI keyboard is my bread and butter, I use it along with the Ableton Live Lite license that came with it and it's incredible at great the hardware and software go well together. The knobs are there to quickly change your tone, oscillators, attack/release, and effects such as chorus, reverb and tremolo rate. However the best thing about this controller besides the 49 keys, knobs, and Ableton Lite license is how quickly I can record and stop a loop in Ableton live lite, I use it in every session I record in Ableton, however the only downside I have with this midi controller is that I can't undo a bad loop on my MIDI keyboard, I always have to get my other keyboard (The typing kind, for the PC) and press CTRL + Z. Again, it doesn't really affect what I think about the Novation Launchkey since it is just a small nuisance, but it would be nice to have a button to do that whenever I mess up a note and want to re-record a loop." - Romeo Santiago

Smart, streamlined keyboard controller with custom NI keybed, NKS integration, Smart Play features, DAW control, OLED display, and more.

Additional Features:
  • 8 touch-sensitive control knobs
  • Ergonomic pitch and mod wheels4-directional push encoder for one-handed sound browsing and project navigation
  • Pre-mapped control of KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects plus hundreds of Native Kontrol Standard (NKS) plug-ins from leading manufacturers via the KOMPLETE KONTROL software
Promising Review:
"I've looked a lot online for reviews about the Komplete A25, and because it's an entry/mobile level for NI keyboards many reviewers were talking about the basic stuff like the click sound of its buttons and the build quality.
What really surprised me is how integrated this midi keyboard is with Maschine MK3 and Maschine software. I expected and seen a lot of reviews about the SW compatibility, but owning this device with the MK3 is a totally different level of integration! I'm able to control the MK3 screens for browsing, plugin selection, and manipulating sounds all from the keyboard. Clicking record or play on one will light the same feature on the other and so on.
So, in short, if you have a Maschine MK3 or similar, buying the Native Instruments keyboard will make all the difference in terms of compatibility and ability to control multi-devices from any hardware.  Very glad I bought this one!" - Lui

We hope we got the best MIDI Keyboards at an affordable price range.  We'd be glad to hear feedback from you.
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