Top 5 Free Mixing plugins

If you're searching for some "free" tools to help you tighten up your mix.
We've compiled our top 5 free mixing plugins.

top 5 free mixing plugins

SPAN by Voxengo

This is my favorite analyzer. I've used paid analyzers and Ableton's analyzer and SPAN Voxengo is by far the best. Compatible with Mac and PC and all the major DAWs. For a free plugin, you get a good amount of features like, Spectrum soothing, Correlation meter, multi-channel analysis, mid/side analysis and a whole lot more! I'd definitely recommend this plugin so head to the SPAN website to download and learn more.

Valhalla Frequency Echo

I absolutely love this tiny delay plugin. The highlight of this plugin is the Shift knob or frequency shifter knob. This shift knob is combined with echo emulation that creates some really amazing and creative effects. The controls are simple and easy to read. The plugin is available in practically every platform; VST, AU, RTAS and AAX. This is available for Mac and PC and also has 32 bit and 64bit versions.

You can download and learn more about this plugin on the Valhalla website.

XFER Records OTT

This is a must have for any producer who is not using Ableton Live and if you are using Live get it anyways! Nothings wrong with having options and its free! Ableton Live actually has an OTT plugin that works great! But nonetheless, the XFER OTT is still an amazing tool. It can really help give your mix a huge sound and also sounds great on mix busses, drum groups and instrument groups. Check out XFER Records website to download and learn more!

There are many ways to use your producer tag and these ways may vary from producer to producer. Someone with no following and is working towards getting their foot in this industry may want to think about getting a producer tag. As we mentioned before, having a producer tag not only offers a layer of protection but it also helps promote your brand and helps you gain recognition for your hard work. Much like a photographer watermarking their photographs, a producer tag is your watermark but in the form of audio.

You can make your producer tag clean and smooth or grimy and in your face! It’s all up to you and what suits your brand. 


This is a really easy to use plugin. Despite its simplicity, this plugin is pretty intuitive and all the controls are up front making it super easy to use. This is a great reverb to add to space to your synths, pianos, guitars and even drums and percussions. Get this free plugin and learn more by heading to Tal-Software's website.

Tokyo Dawn Records TDR Nova (EQ)

The TRD Nova is very good considering its a free dynamic EQ. This comes in two versions; The limited version with 4 bands and the paid version (roughly $80) with advanced features and 6 dynamic eq bands. Besides your regular EQ needs the Nova is a great tool for tightening up those low ends or de-essing vocals. Check it out here on the TDR website and you feel like being supportive buy the full version!


So these are our top 5 free mixing plugins. If you have any questions or even suggestions for FREE plugin we didn't mention let us know!



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