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Tuning your drums, Poisonous advertising aimed at producers,How to approach artists when selling your beats?

Check out the latest episode of Unquantized Podcast!

"Your 808's are out of key!"

 On today's episode of the Unquantized Podcast our hosts SoundOracle and Triza  Discuss
3:21 -- 10:12
Off Beat / In the Pocket
(Nicki Minaj)

10:24 -- 17:55
Monica  Versuz Brandy.

20:11 -- 24:26
Is HitBoy a super producer?

24:26 -- 27:05
The benefits of working with an artists or a group of artists.

27:17-- 30:20
Does the industry respect producers more now then in the past?.

30:20 -- 37:15
What type of Producer is undercutting the value?

37:20 -- 42:56
"Poisonous advertising geared towards producers!"

42:56 -- 49:38
Advice for new producers. 

49:45 -- 56:20
Tuning your drums.

56:21 --1:00:44
"Your 808's are out of key!"

1:00:58 -- 1:01:57
Differences between Mac Os and Windows?

1:01:58 -- 1:04:46
 Instrumental albums and success in that Niche?

1:05:59 -- 1:07:44
What do you look for when live field recording samples.

1:07:52 -- 1:11:38
Is there more maintenance on Mac or 

1:11:40 -- 1:13:40
How to approach artists when selling your beats?

1:14:25 -- 1:17:12
Fear of having your beats stolen cant be what holds you back.

1:17:16 -- 1:19:49
What classic album do you want to see a documentary about?

1:20:10 -- 1:25:00
Do you produce different on Keys compared to producing on pads?

1:24:10 --  1:27:41
"Paul Cabin teaching me music theory helped me clear up alot of the confusion!" -Triza

1:27:55 - 1:30:34
Getting your drums right!

1:33:00 -- 1:35:00
Music Documentaries

1:36:50 -- 1:39:36
Tips on 3/4 beats!

1:39:48 -- 1:42:19
Are 808's being over used?

1:42:34 - 1:45:15
The hosts Fav Key for inspiration.

1:45:15 -- 1:47:30
How to get that "Griselda Sound?"

1:49:08 -- 1:50:18
Ways to put your self out there.

1:50:30 -- 1:52:35
Why producers are sounding the same.

1:52:42-- 1:55:37
Sound selection.

1:55:53 -- 1:57:07
Presonus Eris

 Thank you for tuning into another episode of the Unquantized Podcast and be safe.


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