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We all understand the importance of having a team to support each others growth while building success in todays music industry but not many truly understand how to build a trustworthy team to successfully reach each others goals.

So in this article, we want to provide you with some helpful tips on how you can find your tribe!

Lets get into it!


4 key people to look out for:

- The Honest Critic - This is the person that knows music and loves the music you create.  As long as this person is being honest, their input really means something.  

- Ol’ Wise One - This person is the knowledgeable one.  If you don’t know the answer to a particular question or questions he/she should be able to get you the answers you need in a timely manner.

- The Creative - This person should help motivate and inspire you creatively.  He/she will provide you with ideas that no one would have thought of.  They see trends and knows how to ride the wave better than anyone else. 

- The Social Media Expert - Not everyone is great at social media.  If fact, many artists look at social media as a chore and when it is put that way it’s very off-putting. That’s where this person comes in… Having someone like this on your team will give you more time to focus on creating music rather than creating the perfect post for “likes” or “follows”. 

Finding your “team” does not happen overnight and will more than likely change over time.  Connecting with others and building your network is how you’ll find the ones that’ll get all of you closer to your goals.  So now, you maybe asking, how do I get the ball rolling and where do I even start?  


Here are a few tips when you’re your way to building your team:

Give without asking for anything in return. 

I receive a lot of DM’s and emails from people giving me compliments about my music.  But shortly after and most times within the actual DM/Email they ask me to listen to their music, check out their page or ask for feedback.  Nothings wrong with a little shameless promo and asking for feedback but when asked out of nowhere it kind of makes me question the integrity of their compliments.  You see, building a genuine relationship takes time and you must be willing to invest in yourself if you want to be involved in any relationship.  
When you come across music from an artist/producer you really enjoy, leave feedback and show your appreciation.  Try not to ask for anything in return and don’t expect reciprocation right away. Check up on them regularly, DM them and let them know you’re grateful for them sharing their work and keep building from there.  You can also share their music if you really enjoy it that much!


Your Inner Supporter

Being a supporter means more than just liking someones post on IG, Twitter or Facebook. Think about this, have you ever been at an event or a club where no one is dancing?  Then all of a sudden someone comes along, starts to dance and the next thing you know the dance floor is lit?  

This is what being a supporter is all about!  Its about being the first to comment on someones Soundcloud or Youtube video.  Being the first to promote someones work or repost something of theirs you truly enjoy with or without their knowledge.  When you master this aspect of building relationships you’ll become the social influencer. The Supporter. 
So reach out to other artists and producers and find ways to help them out based on your skills and knowledge.  This will bring many unsuspected contacts and open up many doors to opportunities that wouldn’t happen if kept your mouth and mind shut.

Be Consistent

Consistency is key in any form of business and you must choose to be consistent not only for yourself but in others. Many successful people have absolutely no tolerance for those who are inconsistent and unreliable. If you’re going to connect with someone, be sure you are there and that you always come back. 

In closing - Building and finding your team takes time.  But once you figure out a formula that you’re comfortable with, you can repeat if, tweak it and feel good about making progress.  So, step out of your comfort zone, see which methods work best for you and most importantly be true to yourself. 
We hope you enjoyed these tips!  If there’s anything you’d like add please let us know!

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IDKjunior | Producer | Guest Blogger

IDKjunior is an aspiring music producer based in Vallejo, Ca.   

IDK’s passion for music began as young child being exposed to other producers and dj’s.  While in high school, IDKjunior saved enough money to invest into turntables and began DJ’ing Hard House, Jungle and Trance.  This hobby slowly turned into an obsession.  He then began wanting learn more about music production and eventually bought his first DAW, Fruity Loops (FLstudio) and the rest is history.

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