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Whats Good,

Friday is here.  Hope everybody had a good Memorial Day.  This week I found some great stuff for you guys.

Producer Gems
The Legendary Jazzy Jeff sits with Ableton and talks production and how to collab. I got alot of good takeaways from this. 

For Your Safety 
A life lesson I have been learning is save and save often.  I just got  a Transcend 1TB External Drive.  Its been super dope so far I've dropped it a few times (which i don't recommend) but its holding up great.

What Do You Think
Russ (Rapper) makes a very good point about if music blogs still matter to be a successful artist.

Music Managers
Dope Video about what it takes to be a manager in the music business.  


The Dream sits down and breaks down his process and lessons learned about songwriting.  This one is a longer one but def worth it.

As always please let me know your request and suggestions on Instagram @triza.  Which topic above is your favorite. What do you want to see more or less of?  Let me know.  

Have a good one.  

I've been making some crazy beats with Sub Culture 808s.  If you haven't check it out.  Also check out @SoundOracle and I cooking up.




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