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Everyone has their own unique workflow when creating (producing). Some producers take a ritualistic approach while others like to just dive right in. Regardless of which producer you are, we can all agree that a smooth workflow is a key element of production. Not only speaking in terms of actually finishing a track but also in regards to creativity, productivity and speed.

Below we've compiled 5 workflow tips for music producers!

5 Workflow tips for Music Producer

1. Make time for production

If you're passionate about music and want to move from a hobby to career, then its important you set some time aside for producing. Setting some time aside for production will help improve you skills overtime and you'll eventually build a workflow that suits your needs. Whip out your calendar and set a time devoted to production and commit to it. The time you set is on you but either way set at least an hour of distraction free creating.

2. The Ideal Studio Setting

Speaking of distraction free creating. Having a clean and organized workspace can help promote creativity and offer less distractions. This may not work for everyone. I know several producers who feel creative in a messy workspace and that totally fine. But in short, having a clean and organized studio setting is definitely one way of reducing distractions and increasing productivity and creativity.

3. Organize Your Sample Library

We've actually covered this topic in our previous blog post (How to get the most out your Sample Packs) so we won't get into too much detail here. Taking the time to sift through and organizing your sample library is a sure shot way to increase workflow. Sometimes when you have an idea the best thing to do is lay it down as fast as you can. You lose momentum and in some cases motivation when you're searching for a kick or snare to match the tone of your track/idea. Organizing your sample could take some time depending on how large you library is. If this is the case, the least you can do is create a 'Favorites Folder' with all your go-to sounds. That way you can quickly get your ideas out and later in the production process you can replace any sample that doesn't work.

There are many ways to use your producer tag and these ways may vary from producer to producer. Someone with no following and is working towards getting their foot in this industry may want to think about getting a producer tag. As we mentioned before, having a producer tag not only offers a layer of protection but it also helps promote your brand and helps you gain recognition for your hard work. Much like a photographer watermarking their photographs, a producer tag is your watermark but in the form of audio.

You can make your producer tag clean and smooth or grimy and in your face! It’s all up to you and what suits your brand. 

4. Creative State of Mind

I'm guilty of this and I know many other producers are too. In the beginning stages of production we can be very critical of ourselves to the point where we overthink the process and/or think twice about certain things. Try not to think twice and don't be so critical in this stage of production. Let go of all that and just let creativity flow. You may discover something that could change the game forever.

5. Keyboard Shortcuts

This is probably one of the most important tips when improving workflow and productivity. Not only that, this is one of the simplest and easiest ways of improving workflow and productivity. You may have to take some time to learn your DAW's keyboard shortcuts and it might some practice getting used to but we promise you, learning some of the basic keyboard shortcuts will definitely pay off!

For all of our Ableton Live users, click here for a list of Ableton keyboard shortcuts to get started:


You can include all 5 workflow tips or maybe just one or two. But ultimately the goal is to find and create a system that works for you. Whether that means setting a specific time to get creative, learning new keyboard shortcuts and straying away from distractions or organizing your sample library.

We hope these 5 tips help improve your workflow and get you in a state of focused creativity. If you have tips of your own and you'd like to share feel free to let us know!

Till next time, PEACE!


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