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  3 Essential Tips for Better Mixes  

3 Essential Tips for Better Mixes

Mixing is a tricky process, and even the most seasoned producers can run into issues. From getting your mix to translate well across different speakers to creating an engaging arrangement, many challenges can make mixing difficult.

The problem is that there isn’t one thing that makes a great mix; there are dozens of factors involved in putting together a track. You need to make sure your drums sound good, you have enough bass in your mix, you have melodies and hooks that will get stuck in people’s heads…and then there’s all the other stuff like mixing and mastering!

Fortunately for you, The Producer Kit has got you covered with 3 tips on how to create an amazing mix! We’ll show you how to set up your studio space for optimal listening quality and walk through each of the steps in our mixing workflow so that you master this craft before long.


Mixing in mono "Mixing in mono forces you to make better EQ, compression, and level decisions to get your mix to pop."


Use Reference Mixes Creating a reference track can help you calibrate your ears after working on a track for too long, as it helps you create music that translates well on different systems and in different environments.


Mixing at lower volumes may seem counterintuitive and boring, but this one mixing tip can get you great results! Get a Better Perspective, Mix Longer, and Save Your Ears.

There are many ways to use your producer tag and these ways may vary from producer to producer. Someone with no following and is working towards getting their foot in this industry may want to think about getting a producer tag. As we mentioned before, having a producer tag not only offers a layer of protection but it also helps promote your brand and helps you gain recognition for your hard work. Much like a photographer watermarking their photographs, a producer tag is your watermark but in the form of audio.

You can make your producer tag clean and smooth or grimy and in your face! It’s all up to you and what suits your brand. 

f you want more mixing tips to check out our music production course. The Producer Mindset. This step-by-step course takes you from start to finish making beats. Taught by Grammy award-winning producers.


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The Producer Kit is the music industry’s go-to source for high quality drum samples, loops and presets. We offer a wide range of exclusive drum kits from Grammy award winning producers who have built a reputation for being innovative and on trend. When you need quality, fast turnaround and detailed attention to sound, contact The Producer Kit today.

Founded by acclaimed music producer and DJ, Triza, The Producer Kit supplies music producers with the drum samples, loops and presets they need to create the next industry superstar. Triza has worked with Justin Bieber, Rico Love and Sound Oracle, the producer/chief sound designer for Timbaland and has the industry knowledge and experience needed to create and provide the top quality samples, tutorials and information producers want.

The Producer Kit is known for our professionalism, sound quality and ability to create award winning tracks. The Producer Kit is the music industry’s leading supplier of drum samples. Our samples have been used by a variety of songs, commercials, and movies.

"I need all you emerging producers trying to get your sound library together, I need you to go to The Producer Kit to get your sound game on point ."

Bryan Michael Cox - Grammy Award Winning Producer

Been Trappin 4 - The Producer Kit
Been Trappin 4 - The Producer Kit
Been Trappin 4 - The Producer Kit

Been Trappin 4 - Midi & Melody Loops Sample Pack

$ 17.00
Been Trappin 5 - The Producer Kit
Been Trappin 5 - The Producer Kit
Been Trappin 5 - The Producer Kit

Been Trappin 5 - MIDI & Melody Loops

$ 17.00

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