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Busy Works Beats

Producer/ Youtube Influencer

"Every time they come out, I get them. I have everything. I use them in almost every video, specifically THE ULTIMATE KIT. That's my go-to kit."


Sound Designer for Timbaland/ Polow Da Don

“When I'm not making sounds, I'm coppin counds from The Producer Kit.”

Bryan Michael Cox

Grammy Award Winning Producer

“I need all you emerging producers trying to get your sound library together, I need you to go to The Producer Kit to get your sound game on point .”

Loops & Drums

Production Course:
Learn to Make Better Beats

Our Mission is to cure beat block and inspire producers to reach new musical heights.. We Will Do This By providing the highest quality melody loops, drums that thump and tutorials for the modern producer in todays music business. SEE HERE'S THE PROBLEM we have millions of unfinished beats and songs just sitting on our hard drives but what good is a song that no-one ever hears. WE WANT TO SOLVE THIS BECAUSE WE LOVE production AND WE BELIEVE great sounds inspire great music.

We cure
beat block

Why The Producer Kit



"I swear The Producer Kit got some digital crack buried in they kits. They addictive AF 🤣🤣💯. I just added 3 more for inspiration.

True Tyme Productions

| Customer

"Your kits are the best ones out there, dont even use others anymore 👍"

Stone Sleeper

| Customer

Thanks so much for the voice tag!!! I love it. Excited to finally have something on my tracks 🔥🔥🔥

IDK Junior

| Customer

⚠️ Warning these sounds will inspire great music!


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